Hässleholm tourist center

Hässleholm Tourist Center

Hovdala Nature Area
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Hovdala Castle
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Hovdala Hiking Centre
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Hovdala Tree House
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Model railway in Hässleholm
Photo: Hässleholms Modelljärnvägsförening

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Nature and outdoor

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Culture and history

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Food and beverages

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Large events

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What´s on

Welcome to Hässleholm

It is easy to get to Hässleholm from both the continent as well as the metropolitan areas like Copenhagen and Stockholm. Hässleholm is located in the middle of northern Skåne and almost exactly in the middle of Europe. The town has a long tradition as a railway crossroads and has developed into a creative meeting place in the middle of the Öresund region that provides all the conveniences of a small town.

The history of town

Hässleholm began life in 1860 as a railway station on the main north-south line with just a few houses on a heather-covered heath. The town of Hässleholm was built around the railway, which has played an obvious role in the town´s development for a long time and is still an important part of the city´s future today.


Hässleholmsgården, dating back to the Middle Ages, and located a few kilometres from the centre of town, gave Hässleholm its name. Hässleholm awarded city status in 1914.


Summary of the history of Hässleholmlänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

Meeting place Hässleholm 

Hässleholm offers you daring initiatives in art, culture and nature. The inspiring architecture in Hässleholm Kulturhus gives space to music, theatre and exhibitions in all different genres. Another exclusive meeting place is Hovdala Treehouse that floats amongst the treetops close to the Finjasjön lake in the middle of Hovdala nature reserve and hiking centre. You will find a multitude of unique nature and culture experiences here in the varied nature of Northern Skåne and many interesting tourist sites.


In both Hässleholm and the villages around there are several events arranged that yearly attracts visitors from near and far. In combination with destinations suitable for the whole family, nice local shops, comfortable accommodation and relaxing spa-treatments it is possible for you to discover several parts of the good life during your visit here.



Resecentrum, Hässleholm. Photo: Thomas Johnsson

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