Hässleholm tourist center

Hässleholm Tourist Center


Stay the night

Stay the night and sleep tight in Hässleholm and in the surrounding area. It caters to all preferences of lodgings, with everything from hotels, and bed & breakfasts to hostels, cabins and camping.

Hotell Statt i Hässleholm

Hotell Statt, Hässleholm. Foto: Alexander Neurfert


There are several websites with information on how to find lodgings, and you will find a few examples below. Some of the sites can be used to book lodgings directly.


Tips on useful lodging websites

Boende via Hotels combinedexternal link

Boende via Airbnbexternal link
Semesterhus via Novasolexternal link

Semesterhus via Tannes stugaexternal link

Semesterboende via Campayaexternal link

Semesterhus via Stugsommarexternal link



Travelling to Hässleholm is simple


You can easily take the train to Hässleholm, which is located right by the south trunk line. You can reach Hässleholm from Copenhagen Airport in only 1 ½ hours, from Malmö in 45 minutes and from Stockholm in barely 4 hours.


All the major towns in the municipality, such as Vinslöv, Sösdala, Tyringe, Bjärnum, Vittsjö and Hästveda, have train stops for either of the Öresundstågen or Pågatågen train operators. For more information on how to reach Hässleholm by bus or train, please visit Skånetrafiken’s websiteexternal link.



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