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Cuisine is an important part of the Scanian heritage. Hässleholm has plenty of eateries, restaurants, coffee houses and cafés for all occasions, ready to serve you a fantastic culinary experience featuring both traditional tastes and whole new influences.

A quiche with lots of vegetables at Hotel Statt in Hässleholm

Hotell Statt, Hässleholm. Foto: Annika Branting

Find new different dining experiences in Hässleholm. How about a lunch or dinner in a castle setting at Hovdala manor or in a historic turn-of-the-century environment at Bensonhuset in Hässleholm.

In the cozy chocolate, tea and coffee shop Café Madrix, in central Hässleholm, you can try tasty pastries and sandwiches. Madrix has several times qualified in White Guide's listings of nice coffee places in Sweden.

A must when visiting Skåne is a traditional Scanian "egg cake" which is served at Flädergården & Pelargonhuset in Vinslöv.

Shop close and ecologically

Take the opportunity and shop ecologically whenever it´s possible. Vegetables, milk, meat and delicacies such as goat cheese, chocolate fudge, honey are just a few goodies that you will find in our farm shops. On the map below you will find some them.

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