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Cuisine is an important part of the Scanian heritage. "Go mad, möed mad, mad i rättan ti – osse madaro" is a famous Scanian saying which means “Good food, plenty of food and food at the right moment – and in peace”. Hässleholm has plenty of eateries, restaurants, coffee houses and cafes for all occasions, ready to serve you a fantastic culinary experience featuring both traditional tastes and whole new influences.

Hotell Statt i Hässleholm

Hotell Statt, Hässleholm. Foto: Annika Branting


Hässleholm and its surroundings offers a variety of culinary experiences. How about dinner at the Hovdala Castle grounds or a snack break five metres above ground in the Hovdala Treehouse Cafe?When visiting Skåne, the Scanian egg cake “äggakaka” is a must, which you can find at the Flädergården farm among other establishments.


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Visit a farm shop


The region has several farm shops where you can purchase local and organic produce and home-cooking of the highest quality for your own cooking. Delicacies like goat cheese, dairy products, game meat, chocolate fudge, honey, muesli and other delicacies found only here. The map below lists several of the farm shops.

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