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Hovdala Slott

Hovdala slott

Dogs & Horses

A big dog with its owner on a walk in the forest

Photo: InPhokus by Funke

Hovdala hundslinga (dog trail)

Hovdala hundslinga is a 6 kilometres activity trail on which you and your dog can go on a playful walk together and exercise using the natural features of the site. The dog-walkers’ trail follows parts of the Finjasjöleden trail and passes through the Dalleröd broad-leaf forest.

In view of the animal and bird life in the area, you must keep your dog on a lead during your walk. To provide a chance to move around freely and to have some fun and games, there is a large enclosure at the start of the dog-walkers’ trail by the southern shore of Lake Finjasjön, also known as the Gold Coast.

Map of Hovdala Hiking Centre Pdf, 31.6 MB.


Some riders on horseback in moorland landscape with occasional trees at sunset with orange sky.

Foto: Brönne Islandshästar

Hovdala hovslinga (horse trail)

Hovdala hovslinga welcomes you to ride a horse or drive a horse-drawn carriage along excellent forest tracks.

Hovslinga offers two clearly marked trails of 8 kilometres (yellow marking) and 12 kilometres (red marking) respectively, offering amazing natural experiences on horseback. The roads and paths are laid out to suit both riders and carriages.

At the start of the trail there are facilities to park both car and trailer, and to tie up and saddle/harness the horse under cover. After the ride you can release your horse in one of the enclosed fields and sit down for a coffee or use the barbecue site.

In the woods around Hovdala you can enjoy nature from the horseback riding. Brönne Island Horses have nice options for horse riding.


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