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Hovdala Slott

Hovdala slott

Hovdala castle

photo: Jörgen Alström

Hovdala castle

The buildings at Hovdala Castle have been constructed and altered over a period of 500 years. The people who lived here have left their mark on the castle. The last residents moved out in 1981.

The oldest parts of Hovdala date from the 16th century. The so-called anchoring irons visible on the facade of one of the buildings are marked with the date 1511.

Hovdala Castle is now a very popular visitor attraction. Visitors come here from both near and far. The castle is managed by the National Property Board Sweden. Activities are run in conjunction with Hässleholm Municipality.

The National Property Board Sweden commenced extensive restoration of Hovdala Castle in 1993. The project was awarded the Europa Nostra Award in 2004 for sensitive and intelligent restoration work.

photo: Sven Persson

photo: Marie Kåberg

photo: Jörgen Alström

photo: inPhokus by Funke

photo: Sven Persson

photo: inPhokus by Funke

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