A child in red clothes with a backpack and teddy bear in her arms walks on a footpath through the reed.

The Vieåleden trail and the Hörlinge meadows

The Vieå river’s surroundings is a true gem offering plentiful natural and cultural experiences. The Vieå trail, 11-14 kilometres, stretches from the unique Skeingeborg castle ruin in the south to the Hörlinge meadows outdoor museum and the Skåneleden trail in the north. In the summer, you can cross the Helge å river with a raft. The Hörlinge meadows are unique wetlands in Skåne, and attracts resting and nesting birds such as cranes, ruffs, sandpipers and whimbrels. They also feature an accessible outdoor museum and birdwatching tower. The trail passes through meadows with anxious cows and high stairways. Keep your dogs on leash!

Viåleden is open for the season from the 30th of April