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Hovdala Slott

Hovdala slott

Welcome to the land Between Dusk and Dawn – a magical place for rest and adventure

The light of early dawn on a summer morning by the campsite.

The light of early dawn on a summer morning by the campsite. Photo: Bjarne Öhrling

By the landsite Between dusk and dawn.... sleep in Birk, Birka or Ronja, overlooking forest and lake. Here you will find a place for rest and peacefulness. Here you can put seven kinds of flowers under your pillow of moss. As the fire fade in the twilight, the moon rises towards the Milky way´s star-covered sky and spins a weave of longing and dreams. At dawn, the sun sets its warm rays of sunlight among the leaves of the birches, with an enticing and rustling whisper ”Come! Get out of the stillness into the fresh morning. Your day has once dawned. It’s time to embark on new paths and adventures, to magical rooms and hidden worlds at Hovdala."

Sleep in Sweden´s most beautiful wind shelters

Sleeping in the middle of nature is a part of the hiking experience. Come and experience our new magical campsite at Hovdala Hiking Centre named “Between Dusk and Dawn”. It´s situated just by Hovdala Trädhus (Treehouse) overlooking Finjasjön and the beautiful landscape. Here you´ll wind three unique architect designed wind shelters Birk, Birka and Ronja, which are embedded in a soft birch grove. The site offers a moment of rest and mindfulness. This is probably one of Sweden´s cosiest and most magical overnight campsites.

At Hovdala you will find the natures architecture inviting you for an adventure and evoke curiosity. Here you will be able make a pit stop for a short overnight stay or just to have a picnic or simply just stop briefly to enjoy the beautiful view. Hovdala offers something for everyone, the lonesome hiker, the young family or the group if individuals who seeks shelter and a good night sleep. All hiking routes passes by the campsite “Between Dusk and Dawn”. The Finjasjö – trail passes only about 600 meter north of the campsite.


Three lady hikers outside the shelter Birk at the campsite "Between dusk and dawn".

Shelter Birk at the campsite "Between dusk and dawn". Photo: Johan Funke

The three shelters are embedded in a soft birch grove with beautiful view of the Finjasjö lake.

The three shelters are embedded in a soft birch grove with beautiful view of the Finjasjö lake. Photo: Lars-Erik Williams

Book a shelter

The wind shelters are dressed in birch wainscoting and have a soft round shape blending into the environment. Inside you can roll out your sleeping bag and mat on the benches inside and sleep comfortably. Birk and Birka fits 2-4 people. Ronja fits 5-7 people. In fact you can stay approx. 9-15 people in these shelters. Pets are welcome to stay in Birka from July 1.At the campsite there are benches, fireplace and toilets. Smoking is prohibited, both inside the shelters and on the campsite.

Book the shelters here through Fritidskontoret at Hässleholms kommun, to secure your night at the shelter upon arrival to the campsite. The cost is 200 SEK/night/ shelter for Birk or Birka. Ronja is 300 SEK/night.

You have access to the booked shelter from 4 pm on the day of arrival to 10 am on checkout day. The area is supervised daily around 10 am by staff from Hässleholms Kommun. During daytime the site is used by schools and other groups. 

Closest water facilities for drinking water are located by Boketorp (the yellow house, west side of the castle). There is also water by Dallerödsladan (a red barn in Dalleröd), north of the Treehouse. Please note that the water by Dallerödsladan is not tested for drinking but can be used for e.g. cleaning and washing up.

Please note! Booking of shelters is closed due to the covid situation!

The municipality of Hässleholm keeps all activities to which the public has access, and which are not necessary, closed (except from activities for children). Booking of shelters are therefore not possible before 1 May.

Should the restrictions be extended or that facilities may open earlier, this will be announced. The decision is based on the infection situation in the municipality and the assessment of those responsible for operations.

Interior from the wind shelter Birka.

Book a night in Birka (excl. Interior decor). Photo: Carina Jönsson Lindholm

View from Birka.

View from Birka. Photo: Carina Jönsson Lindholm


If you need to get hold of someone during your stay in Birk or Birka, contact Fritidskontoret, Hässleholms kommun at phone number +46-72 389 87 70. (You can´t send a text message to this phone number!)

The smaller shelters Birk and Birka at the campsite beside The Treehouse.

The smaller shelters Birk and Birka. Photo: Ingmar Kristiansson

View over Finjasjön and the landscape.

View over Finjasjön and the landscape. Photo: Carina Jönsson Lindholm

Facts about the project

Architect: Karin Hvid Rydell at Mem Arkitekter AB

Lars Winkvist, Göran Johansson

Fasab AB, Svalövs Takservice AB, Vinslövs Plåtslageri AB, Sven Jinert AB, Sinclairsholm

Sustainability has been an important factor from the beginning. All the material is sources from local land and sawmills, without any need for heavy transport and long transport routes. The benches on the inside is built from re-used alder wood.

Exterior – Birch, inner walls and floor fir-tree/pine, benches- alder wood (recycled wood, decking, footbridge) Roof – oak, pine, plate, rubber

Sustainability has been important throughout the whole construction process. All material come from local grounds and sawmills, without long and heavy transports. The benches are, for example, built of recycled alder wood.

The shelter Ronja at Hovdala Hiking Center.

The shelter Ronja is the latest contribution to the campsite. Photo: Lars-Erik Williams

  From the construction when Birk is lifted in place by a crane.

From the construction when Birk is lifted in place by a crane. Photo: Lars-Erik Williams

Other campsites in the area:

Traditional wind shelters can be found at Göingeåsen and Hässleholmsgården. It´s not possible to book these shelters.

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