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Hovdala Slott

Hovdala slott

Hovdala Nature area

A peaceful and wide meadow is heading in front of us

Photo: Johan Funke

Trail status

Flooded areas around Finjasjö lake

It is generally wet in areas near lakes and other water courses, especially around Finjasjö lake. The trails Finjasjöleden, Hovdalaleden and Skåneleden are therefore not entirely accessible.

East of the lake there is an alternative route for I Posta-Nillas spår trail which is now completely accessible again. Please follow these new trail marks out in the field.

Following locations are under water:

  • North of the lake between Sweden´s oldest settlement ("stenåldersboplats") and Slingra Dig bird platform.
  • West of the lake near Mjölkalånga and the southern part of Alslingan.

(updated April 12, 2024)

Alslingan trail is not accessible

Follow red trail signs and directions out in the field that show you to the route through Finja village instead.

Map of Alslingan

Bring a bag and pick up your own garbage

Keep in mind that wild animals can spread infections, such as swine fever, from food thrown in nature. Pack a bag for rubbish and leftovers before you go out, to make it easier to bring everything to the garbage cans or, if they for some reason are overcrowded, take it all back home!

Information from Jordbruksverket about swine fever External link.

A unique combination of history and future, nature and adventure

The Hovdala Nature area to the south of Lake Finjasjön is a former estate that is currently being developed to become a destination with high-class Skåne culture and nature. The presence of the military over a period over many years has created a unique landscape. With the sand being left exposed, a desireble environment could be created for a large number of rare spices of flora and fauna.

The countryside at Hovdala is varied and exciting, with vaste panoramas, dense forests, hills and valleys. Large numbers of butterflies, moths and bees are attracted to the warm, sandy fields. The open expanses host wild garden plants such as bistort, musk strawberry and motherwort.

Experience the River Hovdalaån valley with its unique combination of nature and culture - ravines, waterfalls, dams and beech forest alongside the old craftsmen´s village of Broslätt. The valley offers habitats to some of the most diverse ranges of bats in Sweden. The River Hovdalaån is also home of the protected freshwater pearl mussel, which is threatened with extinction.

The beautiful area of Dalleröd hosts broad-leaf forests with alders on the harsh rocky base of gneiss and calcareous earth. Small wooded slopes creep over the hillside, and trees such as beech, oak, European hornbeam and ash are common. The ground is decorated with buttercup anemone, unspotted lungwort, yellow archangel, herb paris, golden saxifrage and ostrich fern, which is the biggest fern in Sweden. The area is rich in birdlife, including the lesser-spotted woodpecker.

photo: Hässleholms CK

photo: inPhokus by Funke

photo: Jens Rydell

photo: inPhokus by Funke

photo: Helen Nordgren

The Swedish right of public access...

...offers a unique opportunity to anyone who wants to experience the countryside at close quarters.

Thanks to the swedish right of public access, everyone is free to explore the countryside, on both land and water. This opportunity demands care and consideration to land and landowners, and to nature and animals.

There are certain thing You must bear in mind when You are out walking, camping, picking flowers or doing anything else in the countryside.

The watchwords are: do not disturb - do not destroy!

Read more about your obligations when you are visiting Hovdala in our hiking map Pdf, 6.2 MB.

Find out more about your obligations when visiting Swedish forests and nature, protected areas and much more, from Naturvårdsverket, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Naturvårdsverket External link, opens in new window.

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