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Hovdala Slott

Hovdala slott

Hiking trails and shorter rambles & walks

photo: inPhokus by Funke

Shorter rambles & walks

Dammslingan 2,9 km

This walk transports you through butterfly havens and beech woods and into the half-light of a natural tunnel. Enjoy a restorative, sloping balancing act along the edge of the dam and across bridges. Explore the cultural heritage of the ruins of one-time Hovdala crafts village - Broslätt.

Caspers slinga 4,2 km

This trail, which is named after the son of Lord Ehrenborg of Hovdala Manor, follows the well-trodden paths across soft beech wood slopes with glimmering streams. At certain times during the year you may even be lucky enough to experience the sounds of rushing waterfall. This trail offers lovely views of the Finjasjön valley and passes the Biblioteksruinen ruins, remnants of the old crafts village Broslätt and the Trinta lycka pig paddock.

Alslingan 6 km

Enjoy Europe´s rainforest while keeping your feet dry thanks to Swedens´s longest alder marsh walkway. Alder marsh forests are rich biodiversity and exceedingly wet, meaning that they are often difficult for visitors to access. Along the trail you´ll pass Sweden´s oldest human settlement where 14,000-year-old flint objects have been discovered. Small roads transport you from the medieval Finja church to today´s recreated lake-side meadows.

Hässleholmsgården´s leisure trails 2,5 and 5,5 km

Today, Hässleholmsgarden serves as leisure centre, among other things, with access to changing rooms and sauna. Lit trails connecting the city with the Finjasöleden trail and Hovdala nature reserve strat from here. Part of the trail also overlaps with the Skaneleden trail.

photo: inPhokus by Funke

photo: Marie Kåberg

photo: Marie Kåberg

Hiking trails

Höjdarnas Höjdarled 22 km, west 9 km and east 13 km

The name of this trail loosely translates as "High-fliers Highline" and is, as the name inplies, characterised by undulating terrain, making it the most intense and challening trail in terms of fitness. Here, cardiovascular efforts are rewarded by several gorgeous panoramas overlooking Finjasjön Lake and the extensive meadows and sheep paddocks from the ridges to both the east and the west. Most of the trail follows paths and minor roads. The scenery is varied with open fields, beech covered ravines and glens. From time to time you may find yourself walking alongside a lake or bubbling stream. The trail passes by the Cold War Rock cavern and the surrounding forests; thought to be home to one of Swedens´s largest bat populations. No less than 16 out of the country´s 19 spieces are represented here!

Jakten på Gullspira 21 km, west 12 km and east 9 km

This trails name brings to name the famous Swedish story of at goat kid who escaped to experience many adventures before arriving safely back home again.

We hope that you too will return with many new experiences and memories having hiked the Gullspira woods. Hikers need to pay attention and be alert as this trail offers close encounters with somewhat wilder and more untouched environments. You step out into a virgin forest and follow walkways across damp marshes and bogs. The trail passes by gullies and traces of what was once the health spring "Hennes Nads källa". Keep an eye out for volcanic remnants and the Bibliotekruinen ruins. The Glada Geten dairy farmexternal link, opens in new window is the perfect place to stop for coffee and a chance to shop for some delicious local produce. One of the goats on the farm is actually called Gullspira.

Finjasjöleden 18 km

The Finjasjöleden trail is today a part of the Skaneleden trail and follows paths and minor roads through lush lake-side forests, past bathing spots and jetties and further on through villages. The trail is marked by orange paint on posts and trees. This trail will be extended and given pink markings in 2017/2018. You are never far from the lake on this trail, and in fact very clos to it from time to time. North of the lake you will find Swedens longest alder march walkway and the architect-designed bird-watching platform "Slingra Dig" with its barbecue spot. Use your binoculars to spot waders and other birds that thrive there, such as the Eurasian curlew, the common snipe, the common redshank and the northern lapwing. Along the way you pass the ruins of Mölleröds Kungsgard and Hovdala Treehouse, among other interesting sights. Skyrup Golf & Hotellexternal link, opens in new window is located right by the trail, offering accomodation and sit-down meals. Certain stretches are easy to negotiate and suitable for hikers with prams and wheelchairs with assistance.

I Posta-Nillas spår 26 km, west 13 km and east 13 km

Get off the train, lace up your boots and start walking. That is all there is to it! Getting herre from the centre of Hässleholm i easy. The trail, which is currently at the planning stage, will follow paths and minor roads out of the city, offering relatively easy hiking. However, the eastern portion of the trail, which will follow the Göingeasen ridge down to Hovdala manor, does feature a fair number of uphill sections, making it more demanding. The payoff consists of amazing views of the Hovdala plain and Finjasjön Lake. Part of the return leg back into the city skirts forests, where white anemones bloom, and open hearts simply has to be experienced.


To be completed winter 2016/2017.


The woman after whom the Posta-Nilla trail is named was a postwoman who carried the mail between Hovdala and Kristianstad over a period of 50 years in the end of the 19th century. During her years of service, she walked the equivalent of just over four laps around the world, or some 178,560 km!

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