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Hovdala Slott

Hovdala slott


A bunch of cyclists on a small road in autumn with yellow leaves on the trees.

Photo: Hässleholms CK

In the forests around the Hovdala Nature Area there is an excellent MTB trail covering about 37 kilometres, in amazing terrain, considered by mountain bikers to be the best in Sweden. Every autumn competitions are held and you can drive the same route according to the maps below. Please note that these trails are not marked in nature with signposts and they are not continuously maintained.

There is also a trail covering around 7 kilometres in Mölleröd, north of Finjasjö lake.

According to the Right of public access, it is possible to cycle gently in nature if you do not damage the ground, for example along roads. Avoid cycling with rough-treaded tires on fragile grounds, cycling on paths when the ground is wet and adjust your cycling style to the ground condition.


A map of the trails is available at Hovdala manor house.

Or you can download them below.

Snapphaneturen External link, opens in new window.

Mölleröd External link, opens in new window.

Is it allowed to cycle on hiking trails and in exercise tracks?

The hiking trails in Hässleholm municipality are for those who wants to experience nature on foot. The trails are based on agreements with landowners in relation to walkers. Cycling is therefore not recommended along trails and footpaths in the countryside!

Cycling in the municipality´s exercise tracks is prohibited!

In the event of a conflict with landowners, you can not claim that you are allowed to cycle on the municipality's trails with reference to the municipality of Hässleholm or Region Skåne.

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