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Hässleholm Tourist Center


What to see in Hässleholm

Hässleholm, centrally located in Skåne, is the natural starting point for your stay with its close proximity to all parts of the landscape and opportunities for adventure and experiences of various kinds. Here you can enjoy the good life - with peace and quiet just around the corner but still close to all the town's amenities.


It is easy to get to Hässleholm thanks to its location along the southern railway line. It has now been 150 years since the first train rolled into Hässleholm station. The railway created the conditions for the town to be developed and even today the railway is an important part of the town's future. So consider the environment and choose the train. Hässleholm next!

Hässleholmsgården, dating back from medieval times, just south of the centre, has given its name to the town, which at the time consisted of just a few houses on the heathland.

Today Hässleholm has become a creative venue in the middle of the Öresund region for bold initiatives in art, culture and nature. The inspiring architecture in Hässleholm Kulturhus (Hässleholm Culture Centre) provides space for music theatre in every possible genre. A large library, cinemas, tourist office, café and restaurant are also accommodated here.

Hässleholm offers all the amenities of a small town and a well-focussed shopping centre and a pleasant shopping arcade. Cosy cafés and terraces blend together in the pedestrian areas and square.

Fotograf: Precious People

Photo: Precious People

Europaforum Hässleholm, Sweden's biggest arena for European issues and Skånsk Naturfotofestival (Skåne Nature Photography Festival), with lectures and exhibits for nature photography enthusiasts are just some of the forthcoming events that out the town of Hässleholm on the map.

In Hässleholm Municipality you can walk along our fantastic trails in magnificent and varied scenery, take a refreshing dip in a tranquil lake and cook dinner over an open fire, perhaps self-caught fish?

Play golf in any of our fine courses and combine with pampering
spa treatments, good food and comfortable accommodation.

If you are interested in history there are many monuments here from the 17th century's Snapphane feuds when Göinge was site for the war between Sweden and Denmark. Hovdala Castle played an important role during this period with its location close to the border. Today the castle offers magnificent simplicity, silence and peaceful tranquillity. The castle is a national cultural heritage and has been awarded the Europa Nostra Award for its careful restoration. During the summer guided tours, exhibitions, concerts and much more are arranged. The park and garden are open all year round.

Children who visit our area are attracted to exciting stories among the pillared halls and bats in Tykarpsgrottan, play and adventure at Rikstornerspelen (The National jousting tournaement) in May or make a visit to Alpacka & Älg, an ecofarm in Hultet. Here you can get up really close to the Swedish elk and also socialise with animals on the farm. Or why not go on a trekking tour with an alpaca? Children who usually do not like to walk seem to forget the time when they walk with the calm animals.

Around Hässleholm there are a number of places with charming small centres and squares.  Every place has its own characteristics with interesting history, including traditions in the timber industry, furniture manufacturing and health spas.


We are close to our neighbours in Copenhagen and the rest of the Öresund region. For those who are looking for the pulse of the city, you can reach the pulsating capital of Denmark in just 1 ½ hours.

Welcome to Hässleholm municipality!


Bjärnum Carnival. Photo: Martin Olson

Bjärnum is located along Highway 117 north of Hässleholm and can be reached by the regional Pågatågen train service. Bjärnum is known as an industrial area which in its heyday had over 40 furniture factories and has been a key area in Sweden for furniture manufacturing. Today there are a number of shops and furniture wholesalers remaining.


In Bjärnum there is one of the country's finest provincial museums who is situated in a scenic beech forest area with trails around the Bjärlången lake. The park contains nine different buildings e.g. log cabins from the 18th century, watermill, malt drier, crofter's cottage, school and agricultural museum. The area also has a public park where dance lovers come every Sunday to dance to well-known or less well-known dance bands.

The area around Möllerödssjön lake also attracts people to its beech forest and jogging trails. In the area there is also a popular swimming pool with a 25 metre pool, play pool, steam sauna and hot tub.

The Bjärnum Carnival attracts people out on the streets every year and takes place in August.



Hästveda marknad. Photo: Conny Runeke

Hästveda is located along Highway 23 and can be reached by the regional Pågatågen train service.

Hästveda market, the Children's Village and beautiful Luhrsjön lake, with its clean water and its famous sandy beach, are attractions that every year attract visitors to historic Hästveda. In 2017, the market, dating back to the second half of the 19th century, is held on 12-13 July.

With its lush and varied countryside and its rich cultural life there are many possibilities for those who are fortunate to be here. Wooded hills, vast meadows and shiny lakes are easily accessible to both cyclists and walkers who want to swim, fish, hike or pick berries and mushrooms. Well worth a visit is the newly opened hiking trail Lursjöleden, Lillasjön lake with its walking trail, Hastveda church with its frescoes and idyllic Hästveda homestead park with buildings from the 17th century. 



Photo: Vannaröd´s Manor

Sösdala, furthest south of Hässleholm municipality along Highway 23 arrived in the late 19th century when the railway from Malmö was moved northwards. There is a station still in the village from this period, the only one in Sweden from the 1850s with its original appearance. Today you can reach the area by train again since the regional Pågatågen train service stops here.

Sösdala is known for its furniture manufacturing since the 1940s including the company DUX which still has parts of its production here.

In Esplanaden, in the village centre, stands a statue in memory of Otto Lindblad, also called the father of the "students' song".

In the outskirts of the village there is Vannaröds Ängkrona with an abundance of rare butterfly orchids that bloom in June-July and Maglö Ekar nature reserve. South of the village is Vetteryd's cemetery which is Skåne's biggest and best preserved cemetery with standing stones.




Photo: Tyringe Kurhotell

Tyringe is located along Highway 21 and can be reached by the regional Pågatågen train service.

Early in the last century Tyringe became known as a popular spa and tourist resort, where people went to relax and drink the restorative waters from the famous Radium Spring. The tradition of getting together to "drink from the well" is still kept alive to this day. The establishment of Tyringe sanatorium and baths as well as several other hotels, guesthouses and convalescenthomes accelerated the development of the village, as did the success of the local metalworking industry. Today the fully modernised Tyringe Kurhotell is the hub of social life in the village.

During the months of summer, concerts and other events are arranged in Åparken. In the forest just south of the community there are fine jogging trails and in the winter there are trails for cross country skiing enthusiasts.


Stainabjär Photo: Sven Persson/swelo.se

Vinslöv is located along Highway 21 and can be reached by the regional Pågatågen train service.

The Swedish documentary "Plötsligt i Vinslöv" (All of a sudden in Vinslöv) has given Vinslöv a new concept. Many people otherwise remember furniture from Hedberghuset which for many years was widely known. Today the building is known once again for its second hand designer furniture from the 20th century.

In the summer swimmers are attracted to Vinslöv's lido with a 25-metre pool and a smaller children's pool. Just next door there is camping access to a miniature golf course. During the period from October to April you can also play mini golf in the club's indoor premises in Hedberghuset.


An annual event is the Village Market in June and Vinslöv Days in September.



Vittsjö, north of Hässleholm along Highway 117 towards Markaryd, is beautifully situated with several lakes and forest around it.

Vittsjö is the district's oldest and most famous spas and people have travelled here since the 19th century to relax and cure both body and soul at the many guest houses at the time. The lakes and forest have laid the foundation for the fresh air which has attracted both immigrants and tourists for a long time.

For outdoor and sports enthusiasts there are many interesting activities throughout the year. The forest offers berry and mushroom picking and there are fantastic walking and hiking experiences along Skåneleden, Vieåleden and the Ubbalt nature reserve. The lakes attract people who like fishing, water skiing, speed skating and wonderful swimming. Apart from the public bathing places you can easily find your own little favourite spot.

For those who enjoy golf, there is an 18-hole golf course, with restaurant, beautifully situated just east of the village.

Vittsjö GIK. Photo: AM-tryck

The municipality's Allsvenska (Sweden's premier league) women's football team, Vittsjö GIK, has its home ground in the area.


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