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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

When is the Hästveda Fair?

Always the second week in July (Wednesday and Thursday). In 2017: July 12-13.

The traditional animal market is always on Thursday morning from 07.00-14.00.  
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Is there a bus service to Hovdala Castle?

From May 1 to September 2017 you can take bus 535 to Hovdala Castle, but you need to prebook your trip. Please call Skånetrafiken at phone: +46 (0)771-77 44 99. You need to order your trip at least two hours before departure.

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You can also take the city bus no 3 (green) "Stadsbuss" from Fiskorget in Hässleholm to Tormestorp. The last bus stop Spraglerödsvägen and from here it´s a 2 km walk over Äspehöjden along Posta Nilla's trail further down to the castle.

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Is the Tree House open and does it have refreshment facilities?

The Tree House is primarily a conference centre designed for groups of 25 people. In the summer months, there is a café in the Tree house from where you can get a magnificent view over the Hovdala Nature Area and the Finjasjön lake.

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Where can I go hiking and where will I find windbreaks/overnight cabins?

Hässleholm and its surrounding area has a lot to offer for hikers. At Hovdala recreation area there are three circular trails suitable for either wholeday-trekking or you can choose a shorter part of each trail for only half a day. Finjasjöleden is 18 km long and part of the Skåneleden trail, Jakten på Gullspira is 21 km and Höjdarnas Höjdarled is 22 km. In addition to these longer trails you´ll find some shorter alternatives. You can walk along the 6-km "Al-slingan" which goes through one of Skåne's largest alder forests. The "Caspers slinga" trail is 4.2 km and the "Dammslingan" trail 2.9 km. The area also has a 6-km dog walking trail with activity stations along.

A few more trails are under construction and will be ready during the season 2017.
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Vieåleden, in the northern part of the municipality and east from Vittsjö, is 11 km long. You take yourself over the river Helgeå with the help of a rope raft (from the beginning of May until mid/end of September, depending on the wheather situation).
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The Skåneleden trail "Coast to Coast" goes through Vittsjö, north of Hässleholm, and then turns south towards Vedema and Hässleholm on the "North to South" trail. The Europaled 6 trail is also linked to this area.

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Other beautiful recreational areas are found at Vedema, located 10 km northwest of Hässleholm and at Möllerödssjö which is just east of Bjärnum, about 15 km north of Hässleholm.

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Information about windbreaks, access to water etc. is available at Skåneleden's homepage. Along the "North to South" trail in Hässleholm's municipality, there is a windbreak at Hässleholmsgården, about 2 km from the town centre with restaurants and other service facilities. At Olastorp (north of Hässleholm) and Lillsjödal (south of Hässleholm), there are also windbreaks where you can spend the night. Along the "Coast to Coast" trail, there are windbreaks at Hårsjö (west of Vittsjö), Ubbalt (east of Vittsjö) and in Verum (east of Vittsjö). There are two basic overnight cabins by the Vedema recreational areaexternal link, opens in new window. At Göingeåsen along Höjdarnas Höjdarled there is a new-built windbreak (April 2017).

Where can I find pitches for caravans / mobile homes?

Luhrsjöbaden´s campingsite, Hästveda
Tostarpsgården´s campingsite with cottages and camp, Skyrup, Tyringe

Vinslövs campingsite, Vinslöv
Vittsjö campingsite, Vittsjö
Tykarpsgrottan´s camping and cottages, Ignaberga
Flädergården, Vinslöv
Hässlegården´s golfclub, Hässleholm
Lunnahöjagården´s hostel and camping site, Sösdala
Rydbo Hostel and café, Tyringe
At the parking place "Minnet" in the centre of Hässleholmexternal link, opens in new window


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Where can I fish?

There are many excellent opportunities for fishing in Hässleholm municipality - in a lake, river or "put & take". A fishing permit is required for most waters. You can buy a fishing permit at Hässleholm's Tourist Center for the following fishery conservation areas:
Almaån övre, Almaån mellersta, Ballingslöv-/Ottarpssjön, Finjasjön, Luhrsjön, Tofta-/Tviggasjöarna and Tydinge-/Kallsjön.


Read more about fishing possibilites in HässleholmPDF


A map of fishing lakes, rivers and put-and-take in Hässleholm municipalityPDF


Dog bathing facilities

There is no dedicated dog bathing facility in Hässleholm or its surrounding area, but Sweden's right of common access law means your dog can swim anywhere except at public bathing places. Examples of places where this is possible in Hässleholm and its surroudning area are Guldkusten (Finjasjön) and Luhrsjöbaden (Hästveda, in a specially designated place).

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