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In Hässleholm municipality you will find three indoor swimming pools where you can swim and bathe all year round. Summertime there is one open-air pool and several nice bathing beaches of inland lakes that are good for a dip as well as for playing and sports.


A nice sandy beach at Lursjöbaden with a long jetty in the lake.

Lursjöbaden in Hästveda. Photo: InPhokus by Funke

Open-air pool and lakes in summer

Vinslöv has a tempered open-air pool during summer that is very popular. There are also many nice bathing friendly lakes with prepared facilities at the bathing sites. The most well-known is Lursjöbaden in Hästveda which has won a price for the cleanest and best bathing lake in Skåne. Here are also fine fishing opportunities and a camping site with a restaurant.

Swim all year round External link, opens in new window.

During winter it is the three indoor swimming pools in Bjärnum, Hässleholm or Tyringe that invite you to comfortable swimming and fun bathing experiences.

Indoor swimming pools External link, opens in new window.

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