Hässleholm tourist center

Hässleholm Tourist Center


Experiences on horseback

Horseback riding has many practitioners in Hässleholm and there are several nice riding facilities in the area. Some of these have tours and activities for you who are visiting us on a temporary basis.

A mare with her foal are running in their pasture.

Take your horse on holiday

You can ride or drive your own horse along the picturesque forest paths. The Hovdala Nature Area has two trails of 8 km and 12 km (Hovslingan), offering fantastic opportunities for you and your horse.

Horseback tours on Icelandic horses?

At Brönne Islandshästar (Icelandic horses) at Hovdala Nature Area and at Sparrarps Islandshästar in Farstorp you can book a horseback tour and get amazing nature experiences. At Idyllens Pony school stables, children with no experience of riding can try riding ponies. You also have the opportunity to go on an exciting and slightly different kind of forest tour where all kinds of funny things appear along the way. Caring for the horses after the ride is also part of this horse-stable experience.


Lawn mowing in a traditional way

Parks and gardens are an important part in the cultural historical value of Hovdala castle, 7 km south of Hässleholm. Here you will get the feeling of peace, beauty and age. The lawn is mowed through traditional methods with help from a lawn mower pulled by horses. Maybe Sigvard is there cutting the grass when you arrive?

Hovdala castle

Lawn mowing by horse in the park at Hovdala Castle.

Lawn mowing at Hovdala Castle. Photo: Georg Grundsten

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