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In Hässleholm there are several scenic and accessible recreation areas with clearly marked hiking trails and walking paths in a shifting landscape. Along the trails there are interesting places to visit with exciting nature, culture and history. For

Trail status

Enjoy our nice hiking trails and shorter strolling trails around Hässleholm municipality! Although there are a few things we ask you to consider before heading out:


Sections of Finjasjöleden trail are under water

Due to high water levels in grounds and forests, the alder marsh trail and the path to the bird platform Slingra Dig, in the northern area of Finjasjö lake, are not accessible. Some other sections of the trail around Finjasjö lake are soft and muddy, so please choose hiking trails a bit away from lakes, streams and other watercourses.

Map of the area with no access External link.

(updated January 11, 2023)

The Vieåleden trail is closed for the season!

The raft across Helgeå is picked up for winter storage. Vieåleden trail is available again in Spring 2023!

(updated November 7)

Bring your own firewood!

Unfortunately, there will not be any more firewood at the campsites this season due to wood theft. Bring your own if you are going to make a fire and cook on your excursion!

(updated September 13)

Unserviceable drinking water in Horsaskog along the Skåneleden

Along the Skåneleden Kust-Kust in Horsaskog, on stage 9 between Verum and Vittsjö, there is currently unserviceable drinking water. Take enough liquid with you to make it to the next water station - in Osby and Ubbalt respectively.

(updated Aug 18)

New route on hiking trail Alslingan

From August 22, Alslingan is no longer available due to changed landowner agreements. Follow the red markings and instructions in the field. The municipality is working to find a quick solution to the new crossing.

Map of Alslingan after 22 augusti

More information about the changes External link.

Nice spots to visit

In this border district, it has during thousands of years been created natural conditions for the exciting and unique nature of Northern Skåne, with everything between high hills and canyons to vast pastures, magical spruce forests and pure green beech forests. Simply a great mix of nature experiences at one spot.

There is much to discover along the hiking trails, especially at Hovdala Hiking Centre. Learn more about history, nature and culture of the area from the information boards in more than 40 locations in this area. Other popular sights are Hovdala Castle, the Tree House and the only goat cheese dairy Glada Geten ("Happy goat").

Fun activities for kids and families

At Hovdala Castle you can borrow things that the whole family can enjoy during av day outdoors. Fill the bag with binoculars, loupes, hooks, picnic blankets, etc. and go exploring. Day packs/discovery bags can be borrowed from April to September.

Five hikers and a dog hiking in light green spring forest.

Hiking at Hovdala Hiking Centre. Photo: Johan Funke

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