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Go for a ride with your bike and discover the beautiful Göinge forests around Hässleholm. If you do not have a bike of your own, you can rent one. At Hovdala Nature Area you´ll find good alternatives for MTB-cycling.

Cycling in Hässleholm

Photo: Inphokus by Funke

Enjoyable bicycle tours in the area

There are two enjoyable bicycle tours that is recommended in the area, the Göinge route and the Northern forest route, which passes several popular sights in Hässleholm. The tours mostly use lightly trafficked roads passing through spruce and deciduous forests, meadowland and lake landscapes. Keep in mind that the trail crosses the highway at several points. Read or download a pdf of detailed route descriptions further down at this page.


Popular sights along the Göinge Route

The Göinge route of 25 km starts in central Hässleholm. It will take you towards Ignaberga, up the slopes by the Nävlingeåsen ridge and the Göingeåsen ridge, and onwards to the Finjasjön lake before you turn back towards Hässleholm again. If you want a longer bicycle tour, you can continue on to Vinslöv, making the tour 50 km.


During the tour, we recommend stopping by Hovdala Castle and exploring its five centuries of history, and the Tykarpsgrottan cave with its enchanting pillared halls 12 metres below ground. At the Flädergården farm with its pelargonium greenhouse you can enjoy both flowers and elderberry waffles. Take a break along the way and enjoy your packed lunch or dine at any of the many eateries. In Vinslöv, the outdoor swimming pool offers the opportunity of a quick dip on a hot summer’s day.


Historical stops along the Northern forest route

The Northern forest route of 45 km travels northwards from Hässleholm and explores the surroundings of Hästveda before turning back towards the town. There are several prime bathing spots along the way where you can take a refreshing swim or enjoy a break by the lakeside. If you want to visit the popular bathing spot by the Lursjön lake, the tour is extended by an additional
11 km.


The tour passes over relatively level ground, and is perfect for anyone with an interest in history and archaeological monuments. The trail takes you past the 12th century Vankica Church, and Farstorp Church which is considered one of the best-preserved medieval churches in the region. The Iron-Age grave field Mala stenar is also well worth a stop.


Rent a bike

f you do not have a bike of your own, you can rent one at some sites in the area. Click here to get more information about bicycle rental.opens in new window


MTB-trails at Hovdala

For those who like a tougher kind of cycling, out in the woods, there are good opportunities for MTB cycling at Hovdala Nature Area, south of Hässleholm. The Snapphanetrail, a 37 km mountain-bike trail, is by mountain-bike enthusiasts considered to be one of the best of its kind in Sweden. There is also a shorter trail of 7 km in Mölleröd just to the north of the Finjasjön lake.

Maps of the trails are available at Hovdala Castle. You can also download the map of the 37 km
MTB trail here.external link, opens in new window


View over Finjasjö lake and the Hiking Centre of Hovdala.

View over Finjasjö lake and the Hiking Centre of Hovdala. Photo: Sven Persson/swelo.se

A trip to Kristianstad or around Finjasjö lake?

If you´d prefer a longer bicycleride you can go eastwards and visit Kristianstad. Either you can go along road 21 on cycle paths or on smaller roads along Göingeåsen and the pasture, through forests and smaller villages. Take one way out of the centre of Hässleholm and the other on your way back. The trip is in total about 100 km. You can also use the map if you just want to make a shorter trip around Finjasjö lake.

Kristianstad was founded in 1614 by the Danish king Christian IV. There is still traces of this time, for example the Holy Trinity Church, which is called the most beautiful Renaissance building in the Nordic countries, as welll as the King's stable building which today is the Regional Museum. Not far from the centre of the city you find the Naturum Vattenriket which is a part of a biosphere reserve with a visitor center. This is well worth a visit. For more information on what to see and discover in Kristianstad, please visit the website hereexternal link.

The map is available in print at the Infopoint in Stadshuset, Hässleholm or simply download the bicycle map as a pdf herePDF. (The text is only in Swedish)

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