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Are there any bicycle trails in the surroundings of Hässleholm?

Go out and explore the landscape by bike

Take your bike out, put your helmet on and go for a cycle tour around Hässleholm.

Cykelleden Skåne is a regional cycling route that stretches between Kristianstad and Ängelholm. It is divided into three sections. In total, the cycle route is 57 miles long and passes through 17 municipalities in Skåne. Hässleholm municipality has the most kilometers of the route, with 70 kilometers. Through the sections of the Cykelleden Skåne you as a cyclist get to experience the great variety that the Skåne landscape offers.


Along the Göinge route and the Northern forest route you get some interesting pieces of history and pleasant sightseeing. Enjoy your own packed picnic or take your coffee stop or lunch at any of the cafés or restaurants along the way. If you want to go for a longer ride, there are maps on how to go around lake Finjasjön or to the neighbour municipality of Kristianstad.

Maps are available at the Medborgarkontoret / Infopoint in Stadshuset (City Hall), Hässleholm. Digitally, the maps are in the links below:

Mountainbike trails

In the forests around Hovdala Nature Area there is a 37 kilometres long MTB trail for competitions every Autumn. You can use the trail throughout the year, but please notice that there are no signs along the trail and it is not continously maintained.

There is also a shorter trail of 7 kilometres in Mölleröd just to the north of the Finjasjön lake.

Maps of the trails are available at Medborgarkontoret in the City Hall of Hässleholm (Stadshuset) or at Hovdala Castle. Or download the maps here:

Bicycle roads in Hässleholm municipality

Hässleholm municipality is actively working to contribute to increased cycling. In the area there is a well-developed bicycle road network, about 93 kilometers of pedestrian and bicycle paths, which is constantly improving.

Map of Hässleholm municipality's cycle paths Pdf, 11.9 MB.

Where can I rent a bicycle?

Rent a bike

Is it allowed to cycle on hiking trails, in exercise tracks and in nature in general?

The hiking trails in Hässleholm municipality are for those who wants to experience nature on foot.

The trails are based on agreements with landowners in relation to walkers. Cycling are therefore not recommended along trails and footpaths in the countryside!

Cycling in the municipality´s exercise tracks is prohibited!

According to the Right of public access, it is possible to cycle gently in nature if you do not damage the ground, for example along roads. Avoid cycling with rough-treaded tires on fragile grounds, cycling on paths when the ground is wet and adjust your cycling style to the ground condition.

In the event of a conflict with landowners, you can not claim that you are allowed to cycle on the municipality's trails with reference to the municipality of Hässleholm or Region Skåne.

Please take care of nature so we all can continue to enjoy it - even in the future!

A little child is cycling beside his dad who is jogging by Magle wetlands.

A cycling and jogging tour in Magle wetland area, Hässleholm. Photo: Johan Funke

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