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InfoPoints for better accessibility and service for visitors

Hässleholm municipality has been granted project funding consisting of around SEK 980.000 from Leader Lag PH and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development in order to build up, implement and evaluate InfoPoints as a concept in Hässleholm municipality during the coming two years.

Ida Flygare, project leader for Leaderproject InfoPoints

-At Hässleholm Tourist Information we are proud of hearing about the project funding. The investment in InfoPoints is done partly because there is a demand from the tourist industry in Hässleholm municipality regarding improving accessibility and service for our visitors. Another reason is the digitalisation and new travel habits that change the visitor’s need for information, says Ida Flygare, manager of Hässleholm Tourist Information and leader of project InfoPoints.


Tourist Information should be where the visitor is, both physically and digitally

The investment in InfoPoints in Hässleholm municipality means that the visitor can access tourist information and service at 20 different locations instead of being directed only to one place. An InfoPoint can be a fixed or mobile manned place that a visitor naturally seeks out, such as a tourist site, a petrol station or a hotel.


- The purpose of this project is to build up, implement and evaluate InfoPoints as a concept and by doing this strengthen hosting, service, accessibility and the flow of information for the visitor in Hässleholm municipality, says Ida Flygare.


The goal with the project is to establish 20 InfoPoints in Hässleholm municipality during a period of two years and to evaluate if it affects additional sale, how long the visitor stays and the amount of guest nights in the municipality.


The project will contribute to a development regarding competence for the staff at the InfoPoints through activities such as education in hosting and knowledge about product as well as a trip to tourist sites in the municipality. The project will produce brochures holders, information material, distributing materials and a guest survey. The visitor will also have access to free internet connection through wifi at all InfoPoints.


- InfoPoints will not receive any compensation but should consider their commitment as an opportunity to an increased sale, increased competence for themselves and for the destination as well as an additional service in their business. Many of our InfoPoints already receive questions about the area and the InfoPoint label can give additional authority and confidence to answer question regarding what our area has to offer. A win-win situation, says Ida Flygare.


Facts about the InfoPoint project

Project time: Two years with start 1 January 2018.

Total budget: 983 878 kr, of which 50 % comes from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

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